Saturday, September 23, 2017


 The controversy has been raging for so many years and in recent times has become fiercer. People of different faiths and professional backgrounds have argued both for and against either of the two birth methods.

I read from the walls of two Facebook contacts recently as both of them argued forth and back to support their views on whether or not a woman about to give birth should believe God to simply deliver the ‘Hebrew way’ of through CS.

While as a person, I do not have anything against either delivery methods, I however think I have the solution to the argument.

My Friends Argued
One of my friends, argued that many lives are being lost today because some people stubbornly hold on to their ‘Christian doctrine’ of ‘Hebrew birth,’ where a ‘simple’ CS is needed and would have saved the life both the baby and the mother (though it is of course a known fact that not all CS end as desired). He argued that in some developed countries, nobody even gives it a second thought as to whether or not the child delivery process should be through CS. It is just what it is.

Furthermore, he says that the development in the medical profession that led to the point where child delivery can be done though CS is also a gift from God to humanity, just as it is in other areas of medical solutions to challenges that humanity is faced with.

My other friend on the other hand, posited that before the medical profession developed to the point of giving birth through CS, people had been giving birth and that in fact, child bearing is God’s concept and not man’s. He strongly advised that women should trust God to enable them give birth through this age old method, adding that it is one of the joys of motherhood to go into the labour room and actually give birth.

Looking at both positions, the argument can go on and on without any end.
But as I sat to think through all of these, I think I have come up with a plausible solution to the argument for and against.

This is my Position…
One of the basic teachings about faith is that faith is like the muscle (biceps and triceps) and can be developed. If someone has not learnt to lift a 10kg weight, it will be difficult to lift one that is 100kg. “And you brethren, building up yourselves in your most holy faith…” Faith requires building and it takes time to build faith. You don’t build faith overnight, you build it over time. It will be difficult to learn how to swim in the ocean on the day of calamity if you have not learnt to swim in a swimming pool.

It is the same thing with the practice of faith. Someone who has never learned to trust God to heal him or her of headache will be dancing to the gallery to say she wants to believe God for supernatural child-birth should there be complications at the point of delivery. It won’t work. Now, we have to understand that the faith of the husband may not be sufficient to carry the wife through this ordeal.

In the final analysis therefore, let him (or her) that has ear, hear what the ‘Spirit’ is saying… There is nothing wrong with either methods of giving birth. But do not in the name of religion (or faith) cut short your life when you have not over the years learned to build the muscles of your faith. Just allow your doctor to perform on you the gift of CS, perhaps your case may end as the majority – SUCCESS.

Abiodun Mabadeje (MSA)
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