Friday, April 27, 2012

WAKA-PASS Reloaded

Having been a player in the acting scene for over two decades, I know that for every story you always have major or main characters and minor characters. Apart from these, there are also such characters that are referred to as ‘extras.’ In local parlance, these are usually referred as “WAKA-PASS.”

These are characters whose roles are not necessarily important; they are part of the crowd. Their inclusion or non-inclusion in the play does not affect the story or its message.

Just as you watch RMD, Ramsey Noah and those other star actors and actresses, so also a story has been written by the Creator concerning your life in which you should be the protagonist (main character). It is however disheartening that many live oblivious of this fact, which will make me ask you, do you realize your role and how important it is to the story?

God who is the Chief Director expects you as the main character to give your best so that people can come and pay to watch you.

So unfortunate though, is the fact that most people do not understand their roles in the story of their own lives. They do not know how important they are to the Chief Director who is also the Producer and has put so much resources on the ground to get the best out of them, hence they inadvertently act as “WAKA-PASS” – ‘not important,’ ‘insignificant,’ ‘won’t amount to anything,’ ‘can’t change the story,’ and so on.

I tell you, that is a wrong perception of who you truly are. Sam Adeyemi titled one of his books – “You Are More Than This.” In other words all we see of you right now is not all there is to your life. Bishop T. D. Jakes says, “The only number you add to another and does not increase the value of that other number is the number zero.” You are not a zero but a hero. You may have written exams before and failed. It does not mean you are a failure, it only means you are yet to succeed. Your business may be experiencing doom instead of boom, but I want you to know that in spite of the gloom there is still room for improvement. Bishop David Oyedepo on his part said, “There is a treasure in your nature, which you can use to terminate all the pressures in your life.”

I will simply put it to you like this, God did not create you for a life of mediocrity or obscurity but to be a celebrity and that is why He gave the ability to counter the effects of the reality of the calamity that subsist in your society. God gave you ability so that you will not be a liability. You are an asset!

It has been proven that there are over six billion people on the face of the earth today but none is like you. There is no second you; none has the same finger or footprints as yours. You are special. “Fearfully and wonderfully made” says the Bible. If you want the glory make sure you fulfill your purpose by playing your role as the main character in the story of your own life. You are not a “WAKA-PASS.”

God bless you and see you at the top.