Saturday, January 3, 2015


It is a glorious feeling knowing that one has and is still making some progress in his/her life. Looking back over the past year it is obvious that some level of successes have been recorded. This is not just in our personal lives but also in our national life as a people called Nigerians. But just like we know that in our individual lives there is still room for improvement so it is in our dear nation's life. There is still plenty room for improvement.
Towards the end of #2014, I had a solitary moment and reminisced on a critical aspect of our dear nation's life and which fundamentally affects all of us and was sore disappointed. I am talking about the Power Sector. Different administrations have tried to salvage the situation with billions upon billions already spent and it seems like the light is refusing to come out of the gross darkness that engulfs us.
We have changed names but the status quo remains unchanged. NEPA to PHCN and have moved on from there to allowing private investors to bring in their expertise, but what do we have still? We have dropped in Megawatts generation. Meaning we now 'enjoy' less power supply than we did before these 'investors' came.
So at that point out of anger and frustration, I decided to do a tweet and say that government should reverse the sale of PHCN and let's go back to where we were. After all, the saying goes, "If you don't know where you are going, you know where you are coming from."
But just before I could pick my phone to do as I was thinking I had a check in my mind; "What happened to the children of Israel"?
So I had to pause to think. God took them out of Israel and was taking them to a 'Promised land". But while on their way, they encountered some challenges and some of them then said they wanted to go back to Egypt where they once were held in 'captivity'.
And because of this unfaithful (or should we say ‘unfaithfilled’?) reaction from them, God decided that majority of them would not get to the land 'flowing with milk and honey'.
You might wander, so how does this apply to us as Nigerians and then to our Power issue? Very good of you to think in that manner.
You see, all the money spent so far, and the fact that Power is now in the hands of private investors had good INTENTION behind them. It was so that we could enter into the 'promised land' of Power supply. Yes there are still challenges that we need to overcome and believe me they are many.
But the thinking of going 'back' is ‘anti-faith’ and ‘anti-God’. We must collectively resolve that we will get it right in this sector. We must not give up. And the same thing applies to our individual lives, #2014 is gone, you must let go of all the failures and look forward in this year and the years to come with faith and a resolve to succeed against all odds. And believe me, you can. Yes, YOU CAN!
Every darkness in your life is giving way to light this year. You are going to triumph over every trouble and testimony will be yours out of every test. Those challenges carry in them the seeds to make champion out of you.
I see you getting to your desired 'Promised Land - flowing with milk and honey'. And so is the case of our dear fatherland - Nigeria. A new day is dawning for us. Nigeria will not disintegrate.
God bless you and God bless Nigeria.

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