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Red carpet things...
I was once accused of having a crush on Omotunde. But jokingly I said it was not crush, but 7UP.

Most people know her as Lolo1. She is an OAP – On-Air-Personality and host of the program “Oga Madam” on Wazobia FM 95.1 and the Live Show of the same program which has gone international. Not only is she a presenter and comedienne, she is also an actress and very versatile MC.

But I knew this diva long before she became the Lolo1 that most people know today. I knew her as Omotunde Adebowale-David. Our meeting was first as members of the drama team of CMF – Christian Missionary Fund (2005), which was co-ordinated by another diva; the very delectable Biola Williams (Don’t tell me you don’t know her. If you don’t, try watching Tinsel).

After that we were together again at the drama group of The Fountain of Life church (note that I am not an official member of the church, but by virtue of what I do, which includes acting I get invited to participate in different drama presentations and productions from different churches). It was here that we became really close and some folks started insinuating that I was having a “crush” on Omotunde. She told me herself. But truth be told, there was no such thing. She was already married at this time. Or did I just hear you say what if she was not married? I think you should ask her that question…

During those times, ‘Motunde used to be the comedian-extraordinaire of the house, always making everyone laugh and roll on the floor with her on-spot jokes and interjections during rehearsals. Am sure she didn't even have a clue back then that she would be where she is today in the comedy industry. She has become an icon.

Why this tale you might wonder?

Let us consider a few things to learn from my very good friend, Omotunde Adebowale-David, Lolo1.

      Discover yourself
     One of the undoing of many in life is the lack of personal identity. Hence they try to be every other person other than themselves. Personal discovery is the key to life recovery. Omotunde discovered her area of strength, where she is naturally endowed, blessed by the Creator and gifted to be a blessing to humanity. Have you discovered yourself? Will you take the pain to go on the journey of self-discovery?
            Be true to yourself
    It is not enough to discover yourself; you also must learn to be true to that discovery. When you discover, you must develop and then deploy, that is the only way you can be who you truly are meant to be. Quite a number of people have discovered areas of passion and gifting that could stand them out in life but for fear of the unknown – all the what ifs questions that you can think of, they have shortchanged themselves and sold their ‘birthrights’. But Omotunde stayed true to the call of her life, even when it looked like it was not going to yield anything positive or meaningful. She was willing to look like a fool until she became full with the rewards of persistence and consistency.

      Ignore naysayers
      All through history, there have been and there will always be those who say you can’t do it. You don’t have it takes. You are not qualified enough. And many dreams have gone under due to the cutting tongues of these never-see-good-in-any-dream kinds of people. They are not going anywhere and they will attempt to stop those who are trying to move ahead with their lives. If you listen to them, you do so to your own detriment. I am sure if my good friend Lolo1 had listened to naysayers, you and I will not be enjoying the good programming she serves us regularly with her comic style of presentation on radio. Simply in a class of her own.

      Experiment and explore
     The word experiment simply means trying it out to see if it will work. And that agrees with “Everything remains in a state of constant rest until force is applied” (Isaac Newton). Yes, you must try new things, new approaches, new methods and sometimes in new places. Don’t just sit there and watch life pass you by, take the bull by the horns and begin to exert yourself on life. Had she just sat there waiting for the day someone will discover her, who knows what her story would have become today. Look for opportunities to practice your trade, even if it is for free at the beginning. Believe me a time will come when what you are doing for FREE will begin to attract a FEE. Ask Omotunde (doing it for FREE) who has become Lolo1 (now collecting FEE).

 Trust God
Me and Lolo @ my seminar in 2012
    If there is anything I know about my good friend, it is that she loves God. She is not just any other comedian out there; she is a child of God. That is where the whole journey started from – with God. And am sure if you ask her also she will tell you unequivocally that the God-factor has played a major role in her journey so far. What is it that you are trying to do and you think is far-fetched, why not adopt the God-factor and see your dreams begin to fly like it is happening for Omotunde Adebowale-David today?

Recently she granted an interview on Channels Television. Check it out here and know more about her dreams and passions that are yet to take centre stage.

You can also visit her personal official blog at

I am @AbiodunMabadeje (MSA)
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