Thursday, November 1, 2012


For those that have been following my writings, I'm sure you're already saying, "This guy has come again with his very unconventional way of giving titles." "What is/can be ironical about the television again?" is probably the question on your mind right now.

Permit me to quickly tell you that i have only one purpose in mind for writing this particular piece, it is to get you angry. Not to angry at me (although I'm aware that that could happen), but at YOURSELF.

However it goes, I'll encourage you to humbly read through and read in-between the lines to see if there's something for you to grab and use, and I guarantee that there's definitely something for you. So much has been said about that 'box' in your sitting room called "Television." Some say it is good, while others say it is bad. In fact some went as far as labeling it "The devil's box."

I do not intend in anyway by this piece to further label it to be good or bad, you can decide that for yourself.
There is however one thing I know about the television, it got it's name from two root words, "Tele" and "Vision."
The other thing I know about this 'box' is that it is used to 'tele-vision,' meaning it is used to SHOW VISION.

I can imagine that in your mind now, you're asking, "So, what is the big deal about that?"
The big deal is that anytime you sit in front of a TV set to watch any programme, you are watching other people's vision or better put, the manifested vision of other people. The vision of other people is being televised for you to watch and enjoy.

You name any programme you know on TV, it is the manifestation of an idea (vision) that was once locked up in somebody's mind. Call it soap opera, documentary, movie, news or whatever. If you are discerning enough, by now you should be catching my drift with this article. And in case you're not, don't worry, I'll bail you out.

My point of view (more of a concern) is that, when will other people begin to watch your own vision? All those ideas, concepts, dreams that you have locked up in your mind all these years, when are we going to start enjoying them?
Okay, don't think that I am necessarily talking about you having a programme on TV (but if that happens, all well and good). For example, this piece was once a thought – an idea in my mind. That you are reading it now means that it has become a manifested vision (tele-vision), which you are enjoying.

May be I should be more specific and hit the nail right on the head. Let me ask you, who is reading your book? Who is listening to your CD? Is there someone putting clothes with your name as the label? Are people eating your food? Have you started a school that pupils could attend? Is someone drinking your water? Or ... (fill in the gap).

I hope that at this point you are becoming angry with yourself already?

Let me push it a little further for you. Is there anything in this world that has your name on it? Something you can live behind for posterity; something that will outlive you. If there's none, I think you should be ashamed of yourself and use your hand to cover your face (forgive my bluntness – I know truth is a bitter pill to swallow). But do not forget that I told you earlier that I intend to get you angry.

However, it is not too late for you to start doing something.

One thing and one thing alone is responsible for the manifestation of this piece that was once locked up in my mind as a thought as a thought or idea to become what you are reading and that thing is very simple – ACTION!
Action is the bridge between a conceived idea and its manifestation.

I therefore humbly submit to you that the reason why we are not yet witnessing the manifestation (or the 'tele-vision-ing') of your ideas is because you have refused to take action (Really no man lacks ideas, we only have men who will not work on their ideas).

These ideas have probably stayed for months, perhaps years in the incubating room of your mind but because of in-action, you have remained in the incubating room of life. Your generation is waiting for the manifestation of your conceived vision which has remained in limbo because you have refused to take action.

As I wind up in my quest to get you angry, permit me to brag and blow my own trumpet a little bit to show you some ways in which my own vision(s) is/are being 'tele-vision-ed':
- I am an author of seven published books
- I have written several articles with a good number of them already published on net and hardcover magazines
- I'm sure you know that I am the publisher of this newsletter in your hand (Motivation.Com)
- I have 2 audio CDs and 1 DVD products
- I am the M.D/C.E.O. of Hedge Publishing Ventures (in case you have materials you want to publish or print, make sure you contact me)
- I am a public speaker with very strong bias for motivations and have graced the platform with some of the big names you know
- I am an actor with nothing less than 22 years experience on stage (and screen)
- And... and... and... so on and so on...
- I am ABIODUN MABADEJE, 234-8023771690,