Friday, April 19, 2013


I was part of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 2006, Batch A to be precise. The middle belt state of Benue, popularly called “Food Basket of the Nation” was where I served.

My place of Primary Assignment was the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, where I was in the Revenue collection unit of the Commerce Department.

My one year of serving Nigeria in the NYSC programme was worth all the time. I was never lacking in things to do, whether at NYSC level: was in at least three CDS groups – Drama CDS (where I eventually became President), Editorial CDS where I was a radio presenter, presenting Inspiration.Com as part of Corpers Voice, an half hour radio programme for corpers on the state’s owned radio station and contributed articles to the magazine Benue Copa. Also served with the NYSC official in charge of the then newly created Millennium Development Goal CDS group where I had the very rare opportunity to visit three local governments apart from Makurdi (which was my base) to give addresses to fellow Corp members on the importance and need for self-development and entrepreneurial mentality.

Or at NCCF (Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship) level; I was part of several committees, the drama group and participated in almost all the Rural Rugged Evangelism Outreaches. And on a personal level too; carried out several Personal CDS projects, one in particular was the donation of water tanker and water to an Orphanage located in a remote part of North-Bank area of Benue State. Held seminars and son…

At the end of the service year, I got several awards and certificates of awards and State recognition with Letter of Recommendation… Story!

But the journey that culminated into all of these started at the Orientation Camp which held in Gboko, one of the popular local governments in Benue State after Makurdi, which is the state capital.

There were several seminars at the camp for corpers. During one of such seminars, I was a corpers rep on stage with other NYSC officials and the State’s NYSC Director. As the event went on, it came to time for contributions/questions. And many of my fellow corpers were complaining about the fact that the government was (and is still) not doing enough to address the problem of lack of jobs and many other issues in such light.

As the discussion went on, I got up to address everyone and gave the illustration of a vehicle being pushed before it starts. I told them that when that happens, then something fundamental is wrong with the vehicle, because vehicles are not originally meant to be pushed before they start working. I went on to tell them that it works the same way for us as humans, we should be self-starters, that in fact some of us already understood the concept, we went to school without any support, we had to combine working and schooling and we did it (this was actually my own case).

Now I want to use the same concept of THE PUSH to teach you something I believe will be of immense benefit to you for many years to come.

When a vehicle has to be pushed before it starts working, something fundamental is wrong. That was not how vehicles are meant to work. Get into your car, put the key in the ignition, turn it and the car starts, ready to zoom off to fulfill its purpose.

In the same vein, we like ‘cars/vehicles’ are supposed to be self-starters. The forces – will, strength, determination and what have you, to get started and move on in life and be all we were meant to be are in us. We must dig deep within in order to travel without the deeper you can dig, the faster and farther you can travel. I have always said that if you take control of your internal environment, you will eventually gain control over your external environment. The external is not supposed to control the internal; it is the other way round. Someone rightly posited, “Your environment is not meant to change you, you are meant to change your own environment.” And that change must start from within – the way you think; your disposition to life, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

While the aforementioned is true, we all know that there are several factors that could affect the way a vehicle is naturally meant to function – factors like change in whether condition, lack of fuel in the fuel tank and such other conditions.

Likewise, there are many factors that could hinder a person from functioning at his optimal capacity as the Creator designed him to. Factors that could either be self imposed or society imposed (internal and external). When this is the case, what should you do in order to get started and zoom off into the beautiful future that awaits you.

The same way a vehicle owner or driver asks for help, you should also do same, ask for a push. Don’t hesitate to do so. Sometimes it is to push the vehicle forward or sometimes backward. Talk to someone who can render assistance to you; assistance in form of advice –moral/business/financial and so on, introduce you to someone you need to meet, or just take you by the hand and lead you in the way you should go.

Some people are too ashamed to ask for help, hence remain in their state of helplessness. But you also must be careful who you talk to for help. “Iron sharpens iron,” the holy Writ says, but two blunt irons cannot sharpen each other we must bear in mind.

One other thing I want you to know is that life is just, “Because God is not mocked, for as a man sows, so shall he also reap.” As you want people to give you a push, you also must be willing to give pushes to others as they require it of you, (in fact, you should not wait for people to ask you, be proactive about looking for people that need positive pushes and then help to push them into fulfilling their destiny) because what goes around comes around. Jesus puts it in this light, “Give and it shall be giving to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over…”

Your time for change has come, ask for the push you need; someone out there is looking for whom to help. I have experienced different kinds of pushes in different aspects of my life. I have had people give me advise, support me with money to finance worthy projects, introduced me to others and so on. Most of the things I know and enjoy today have come via THE PUSH from others.

Thank you for reading; I am your friend and LIFE COACH, Abiodun Mabadeje (MSA) – Speaker/Trainer, Author/Publisher, Actor/Acting Instructor, Counselor/Minister, and MC.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I graduated from Lagos State Polytechnic (aka LASPOTECH) in October of 2004. I still remember my undergraduate days like yesterday. What is ironic is that the course I studied in school is not what I practice today as profession. I am as far from what I read in school as the east is from the west and I must say without any regret.

Anyone who has passed through the walls of any citadel of learning, especially higher institutions would remember vividly well the slogan “AOC” that students chanted whenever exams were drawing near. The reason students did this (i.e ask lecturers for “AOC”) was so that they would be able to focus their energy and judiciously use their time to study areas where exam questions would be drawn from, as sometimes (if not all the time) it is impossible to finish the syllabus. Some lecturers out of magnanimity would go ahead and give “AOC” to assist the students to prepare well.

I have thought over this for a while and discovered that life practically works the same way. The way we ask for “AOC” so we could focus our energy and time, is the way we should use the concept to live our lives. God is our Lecturer. We are students of life and are constantly writing exams and if our energies are not well managed, focused and directed, the tendency for us to fail in life is very high. God not being a wicked Lecturer always leaves us with clues for “AOC” – AREA OF CONCENTRATION.

“How will you as an individual recognize your own AREA OF CONCENTRATION?” would be the question at this point. And I must say that that question has a very simple answer.

Your own “AOC” is connected to what I call your AOCC. “Now what is that again?” you would ask. AOCC simply means AREA OF CORE COMPETENCE! This is the beautiful thing about God; He never leaves anyone clueless and wondering what to do. What is wrong with most of us is that we are not disciplined enough to find our different AREAS OF CORE COMPETENCES – AOCC. And then when some of us do, we are not willing to pay the price to develop this potential competence in order for us to be able to effectively deploy same.

Let me help you bring this to the point of phosphorescence. What are you gifted/talented/skilled at doing? Something you do well and enjoy doing without stress. It is like Lionel Messi playing football or Tuface singing. In my own case, it is doing motivational speaking/writing, acting/MCing. Bottom line, it is being who you are originally meant to be and not what circumstances try to make you be.

For example, if I had followed Insurance as a profession, that would have been trying to be someone else, because it is not part of my wiring; it is not in my DNA.

Remember the parable of talents in Matt. 25:14-30? The morale here is that no one is ‘giftedless,’ including you (and you could have more than one area of competence). And then Prov. 18:16 says, “The gift of a man makes room for him and brings him before great men.” Paraphrased, it would read, “When a man makes his AREA OF CORE COMPETENCE (AOCC) his AREA OF CONCENTRATION (AOC), giving it all the diligence that it requires, then he shall soon become great.” – Abiodun Mabadeje

On a final thought, what are you wired for? Have you discovered your AOCC, which you can make your AOC? If not, the earlier you seek to do this the better for you. 

If you need more information or help in this regard, do not hesitate to contact me by mail on or through inbox on Facebook or just give me a call 234  8023771690.
I am your friend and life coach Abiodun Mabadeje (MSA), motivational speaker, trainer and author.